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NCITS Announces the Approval of Project Proposal, Fibre Channel Second Generation Switch Fabric (FC-SW-2)

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Washington D.C., April 1998 - NCITS (National Committee for Information Technology Standards) announces approval of this new project being developed within Technical Committee, T11, I/O Interface - Device Level. The reference number for this project is 1305-D.

This proposal recommends the development of a Fibre Channel Second Generation Switch Fabric (FC-SW-2)standard. Included within the recommended scope of this project are extensions to the Inter-Switch Link definition to support:

1) Unicast Path Selection;
2) Coordination of the Common Service definitions being produced by Project 1134-D, Fibre Channel - Generic Services 2 (FC-GS-2);
3) Models of flow control schemes defined by FC-PH-x;
4) Multicast Path Selection;
5) Other enhancements derived from experience with first-generation FC-SW implementations.

It is a key goal of this project that devices meeting the definitions produced herein be backwards compatible with devices meeting the existing FC-SW definitions. Note however that some of the functions based on FC-SW-2 definitions may not be available in configurations which incorporate switches only meeting the FC-SW requirements.

Inquiries regarding this project [project 1305-D] and other Fibre Channel and HIPPI projects should be sent to the Chairman of T11, Mr. Roger Cummings, Distributed Processing Technology, 140 Candace Dr., Maitland, FL 32751. Email:

The next meeting of T11 is April 20-24, 1998, Palm Springs, CA. All organizations and individuals who are materially or directly affected are invited to participate.

An initial call for possible patents and other pertinent issues (copyrights, trademarks) is now being issued. Please submit information on these issues to the NCITS Secretariat at 1250 Eye Street NW, Suite 200, Washington DC 20005. Email: FAX: (202) 638-4922.