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NCITS Names 2001 Award Winners from Industry, User Groups, and Government

Contact: Kate McMillan
Senior Director, NCITS

NCITS Names 2001 Award Winners from Industry, User Groups, and Government
National Standards Group Honors 15 People For Leadership In Developing Market-Driven Technology Standards

Washington, DC, November 12, 2001 - The National Committee for Information Technology Standards (NCITS) announced today the names of 15 standards professionals who will be honored at the November 13, 2001 dinner celebrating the 40th anniversary of NCITS. At this time, 1,941 individuals currently participate in 52 NCITS standards development committees. NCITS recognizes achievement of these participants in five categories each year; this year's Nominating Committee was chaired by Ed Barrett of Sony Corporation.

Chairman's Annual Award
This is an award of the NCITS Chair presented to a standards professional who has provided outstanding service to NCITS. This year the Chair, Hewlett-Packard's Karen Higginbottom, has bestowed the award on Michael D. Hogan of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Higginbottom stated, "Mike has earned this award many times over due to his dedication to NCITS and success in expanding its program of work. His long-term commitment to procedures, institutional memory and 'the good of the organization' serve as a strong foundation for the vision and opportunities he brings to NCITS."

Merit Award
This award is presented to participants who have demonstrated continuous support for the work of NCITS. This year's recipients are Kevin Tall, Eclipse Laboratories; Ed Hart, SHARE; Rowena Chester, Tennessee Secure Data Systems; and Judith Newton of NIST, a government agency that has had ongoing participation in NCITS standardization activities for all 40 years of its existence.

NCITS Service Award
This award goes to two participants who have provided outstanding service to the NCITS organization through committee work or duties. The 2001 recipients are Arnold Winkler, Unisys, and Bill Protzman, DCS Corporation.

NCITS Committee Management Award
This award recognizes individuals who, as officers of NCITS committees, have provided outstanding leadership to the group in its national and/ or international work, have demonstrated proficiency in achieving consensus in the national and/or international arenas and have followed the approved procedures in an exemplary fashion. This year's winners are Andy Tescher, Microsoft Corporation; Don Schricker, Micro Focus Inc.; Ken Zemrowski, Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP); and Dick Steinbrenner.

Earlier this year, NCITS renamed its Committee Officer Award to honor Gene Milligan, an exemplary technology expert from Seagate who displayed exceptional leadership as the Chair of several NCITS Technical Committees (TCs) over his nearly two decades of involvement. Gene Milligan died in November 2000.

Technical Excellence
This award recognizes technical contributions and dedication to the technical program of work. It is presented with the endorsement of the TC officers. Recipients for 2001 are Phil Shaw, Sybase; Margaret Lepley, Mitre Corporation; Mark Davis, IBM; and Ken Whistler, Sybase. Whistler is the first person to receive the award two consecutive years.

The National Committee for Information Technology Standards (NCITS) is the forum of choice for information technology developers, producers and users for the creation and maintenance of formal de jure IT standards. NCITS is accredited by, and operates under rules approved by, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These rules are designed to ensure that voluntary standards are developed by the consensus of directly and materially affected interests. The NCITS web site is and the address is NCITS Secretariat, Information Technology Industry Council, 1250 Eye St. NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005.