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 CLOUD38 duly-called meeting (Conference Call)

  • Time

    Monday, 11 December 2017, 11:00AM EST to Monday, 11 December 2017, 01:00PM EST

  • Location

  • Description

    Session (with dial-in instructions in-session):

    NOTE: if possible join the WebEx
    meeting **first** and follow the audio connection prompts, using either phone dial or computer.  If using phone, be sure to input your Attendee ID so that we can see who is on the call.


    NOTE: only use direct dial-in in cases where you do not have access to WebEx
    .  This method results in you showing up in the WebEx
    session as "Call-in User 0x", instead of your name.

    US/Canada toll:             1.650.479.3208
    Access code:               735.787.055

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  • Access

    This event is visible to Cloud38 - Cloud Computing and Distributed Platforms and shared with:
    • General Public
  • Counts toward voter eligibility


Meeting Attendees

  • John Britton

    [Amazon Web Services Inc] - Member

  • John Messina

    [Department of Commerce - NIST] - Vice Chair

  • Annie Sokol

    [Department of Commerce - NIST] - Member

  • Frank Farance

    [Farance Inc] - Member

  • Jacques Durand

    [Fujitsu America Inc] - Member

  • Christopher Johnson

    [Google] - Member

  • Steve Holbrook

    [IBM Corporation] - Group Chair

  • John Calhoon

    [Microsoft Corporation] - Int'l. Rep

  • Babak Jahromi

    [Microsoft Corporation] - Member

  • Donald Deutsch

    [Oracle] - Member

  • Anish Karmarkar

    [Oracle] - Member

  • Mark Carlson

    [Storage Networking Industry Association (S...] - Member

  • Son (David) Kye

    [United States Dept of Defense] - Member

  • Lawrence Lamers

    [VMware Inc] - Secretary

Meeting Statistics

  • Quorum rule

    34% of voting companies ( with a minimum of 4 voting companies attending )
  • Achieved quorum

  • Individual Attendance

    Contributing Members: 14 of 49 (28%)
    Voting Members: 13 of 42 (30%)
  • Company Attendance

    Contributing Companies: 11 of 16 (68%)
    Voting Companies: 10 of 12 (83%) (used for quorum calculation)