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INCITS Announces Five New Standard Projects for Universal Remote Consoles

InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards

Washington, D.C. 

Supporting Universal Remote Consoles Areas of Impact: Universal Remote Control, Natural language control, The INCITS Technical Committee V2, begins work on five new projects. 

The approved projects are:

"Universal Remote Console" (INCITS Project Number 1678)

"Protocol to Facilitate Operation of Information and Electronic Prod interface Socket Description" (INCITS Project Number 1679) 

"Protocol to Facilitate Operation of Information and Electron Presentation Template" (INCITS Project Number 1680)

"Protocol to Facilitate Operation of Information and Electronic P Properties Sheet" (INCITS Project Number 1681)

Resource Description" (INCITS Project Number 1682) The purpose of these standards is to facilitate the development and depwide variety of de Consoles (URCs) for other devices and services. The standards will allow control any number of Information and Electronic Products in their environis a network connection between the URC and the product. Distance control because the URC provides the user with all of the necessary controls as and other information displayed by the product. Because the information the product is modality neutral, prodnatural language interfaces, or even braille. URC functionality could be provided by common devices such as person and other information technology devices (e.g. laptops, PDAs), telecoWAP devices (e.g. cell phones), etc. URCs could also be implemented as assistive technology devices, or new devices could be specially built to fuUniversal Remote Consoles. URCs may also be built to serve as remote and integrated home audio-visual system), and would also be able to contrdevice that is URC compatible. One of the most exciting aspects of these new standards is their potential tuse of intelligent agents and natural language programmed or intelligent devices. The ability to talk naturally to a PDA or and have it control all of the products in one’s environment may now be poadoption and implementation of these standards.

Current standard drafts are based on modern Web technologies such as Markup Language (XML) and XML Schema Definition (XSD). They are allowing implementation on top of e The next meeting of the INCITS V2 Technical Committee is scheduled for 2004. Additional information on these projects and the V2 meetings can b( About INCITS The InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards.