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NCITS Announces Project to Process SQLJ Specification via Fast-Track

NCITS Announces Project to Process SQLJ Specification via Fast-Track

WASHNGTON - April 2, 1999 - The National Committee for Information Technology Standards (NCITS) today approved a new project to develop an American National Standard for SQLJ ? Part 1: SQL Routines using the JavaTM Programming Language. A specification for this facility that allows the use of JavaTM routines from SQL code and for storing those JavaTM routines in the database was developed by a group of Relational Database Management System vendors working together as the SQLJ Consortium. This specification, which has been approved by NCITS for processing under fast-track procedures, is now available for review and comment through the NCITS web site at The public review will run through June 7, 1999.

"Development of the SQLJ specification demonstrates how the de jure standards process and vendor-driven consortia can cooperate for the benefit of the entire information technology community," said Dr. Donald R. Deutsch, chairman of the H2 technical committee on database.

"H2, the committee charged with developing SQL language and related standards, has agreed to serve as the maintenance authority for the SQLJ standard when it is approved."

NCITS is the premier information technology standards developer in areas including C++, fiber channel, SQL database, multimedia and security. Its technical experts also work on the corresponding international IT standards, most of which are adopted by NCITS.

"NCITS unanimously accepted this proposal into its program of work, showing industry enthusiasm for this area of technology," said Ms. Karen Higginbottom, Chairman of NCITS. "Through the NCITS Fast Track process, this proposal could become an American National Standard as soon as August 10. We have great hopes for the NCITS Fast Track process, and encourage others to bring their leading-edge technologies here."

NCITS is sponsored by the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI). ITI is the association of leading U.S. providers of information technology products and services. It advocates growing the economy through innovation and supports free-market policies. ITI members had worldwide revenue of more than $440 billion in 1998 and employ more than 1.2 million people in the United States.

For further information about SQLJ - Part 1: SQL Routines using the JavaTM Programming Language , contact Dr. Deutsch at For further information about NCITS, contact Kate McMillan ( at 202-626-5742.