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NCITS Fast Track Zips Along

NCITS Fast Track Zips Along

WASHINGTON DC - - October 6, 1999 -- "We are delighted to publish SQLJ in six months, " said Karen Higginbottom (Hewlett-Packard), NCITS Chair. "And we are especially pleased that the final standard has both industry support and the stamp of due process."

The National Committee for Information Technology Standards (NCITS) published its first standard approved through the NCITS Fast Track process. NCITS 331-1:1999, SQLJ - Part 1: SQL Routines using the Java(TM) Programming Language, was accepted by NCITS for processing on April 2 and published by ANSI on September . SQLJ supports interoperability between Java(TM) programs and ANSI/ISO standard SQL, the most widely used language for defining, querying and manipulating relational databases. SQLJ Part 1, a facility for allowing the use of Java(TM) routines from SQL code and for storing those Java(TM) routines in the database, was developed by a group of Relational Database Management System vendors working together as the SQLJ Consortium.

Between April and September, the draft standard was (1) submitted for public review, (2) revised after public comment, (3) submitted again for public review, (4) approved by NCITS, and (5) approved by ANSI BSR.

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